Monday, 16 July 2012

Feed a family good grub - cheap!

Weekly meal planning, week deux...

Last weeks meal planning was a mixed success. Unfortunately one can't plan for bicycle punctures and errant husbands, so I had a bit of a backlog of some of the meals. However, me and J did our best to polish off the spare grub for lunches. Not sure if food planning, budgeting and dieting are all possible at once! At some point some thing's gotta give and I think its going to be my elasticated waistband.

Anyhow, upwards and onwards. This weeks meal plan is as follows:

Monday ~ Salmon nicoise  - I am ignoring the pissy weather and pretending its a warm summers day
Tuesday ~ Pot roasted pork chops with celery and tomato, spinach and potatoes gratin
Wednesday ~ Spaghetti Bolognese and green beans
Thursday ~ Asian roast chicken, fried veggie rice
Friday ~ Jacket potatoes chilli con carne filling, sour cream and salad

For those of you who missed my earlier post on meal planning - I am trying to...

1. Be more organised; with a toddler and newborn this is a necessity rather than a nice to be!
2. Budget (save money for our new kitchen) and
3. waste less food

I've also started analysing where I shop (I am really rather anal it seems). Anyhooooo, I've started doing monthly shop of non-perishables (nappies, more nappies and baby wipes!) from Asda.  Veggies and meat from our local farm shop.  And top up shops from waitrose or ocado (for whom I have a 10% discount card).

Compare the cost of what's in your shopping basket

Mysupermarket, an online shopping tool, helped me find the best place to purchase the non-perishables from. You load up your shopping list and it checks all the online supermarkets for you.

Waste not - Want not. Good quality veggies and meat.

For the veggies and meat - I prefer to buy high quality local grub from Lyne Farm Shop (near St Peter's Hospital) than the supermarket - even though it is more expensive. It generally lasts longer as its fresher and the meal planning means I (mainly) only buy what I need. A cheaper option is the Pick Your Own at Garsons in Esher. But the pissy weather has made that a less attractive option of late.

Finally, I have to do top-up shops every few days for bread and milk etc (as I don't yet possess a chest freezer - that's next on the list!) and at least the 10% discount card means I get some cash off. Not sure how I managed to qualify for that one, but perhaps contacting Waitrose customer service and asking for one in exchange for a blog review will work? Give it a try!

If you have any tips on food planning, budgeting and getting value for money for your weekly/monthly shop please share it below :)
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