Monday, 2 July 2012

Fresh, Cheap & Fruity - Pick Your Own at Garsons

Garson's pick your own farm, esher, surrey
A top up feed for the wee man, clean nappies and off we went to the Pick Your Own at Garsons, Esher. Our idyllic family activity this Sunday.

I had a mother earth moment when I considered putting Adam in our baby sling whilst I picked fresh produce, but thought that might come across a little pretentious. Instead I went out in probably the most inappropriate top I have for picking vegetables, especially since I am breastfeeding and currently boasting a size G cleavage you could happily nest a family of birds into! I then partnered my inappropriate top with a tight fitting skirt and my flowery wellies. It turned out to be an excellent choice as my feet stayed dry and my husband was extremely attentive all afternoon!

Juliet loved the strawberry picking and as soon as she had mastered the plucking technique, hoovered a good quantity of freebies. Her red stained shirt was a bit of a giveaway when we reached the pay station, but luckily her adorable blond curls and big blue eyes got her out of trouble. I wonder how many times that's going to happen in the future?!

Adam was Mr Chilled in his maxi cosi, and after a quick feed in the front seat of the car, he settled down for a snooze whilst his family harvested the weekly greens.

In addition to the food being wonderfully fresh, tasty and healthy - it was half the price of supermarket equivalents. And we all had a really nice time outdoors in the fresh air. Pick your own @ Garsons gets the thumbs up from the Friedlanders.
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